"Don't just read the news, be the news. See Tomorrow Today"

TA is created to highlight trends around you and the world...

Trender Alert (TA) is created as a communication avenue for trends. TA gives credit where credit is due. TA connects trends and share ideas on the rise. We stay current with trends as they move and shift toward popularity. TA is about bringing change makers together of the same interest. Whether it is music, fashion, sports, politics, food etc., your interest determines what’s trending now.

TA gives you the ability to search trends through keywords, hashtags, location and more. We allow you to choose your trend “Alerts” only receiving topics of your interest. We realize people may have like minds or have totally different perspectives. Sharing values and bringing ideas together is our goal. Our focus is on tomorrow and what’s to come. TA is the high road or the tunnel bringing us together. We created TA to highlight trends around you and around the world.

Tell a friend about TA. Use TA to bounce around ideas and express your creativity. There is no such thing as a good or bad trend. TA bridges the barrier of location and provides opportunities for collaboration. Trender Alert is the foundation of curiosity, building dreams, relationships and giving credit to those deserving of it. Trend with us. See tomorrow, Today! TA is coming soon!!! 

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 Trender Alert is the foundation of curiosity, building dreams, relationships and giving credit to those who deserve it. Trend with us. See tomorrow, Today! TA …coming soon!!!

With the groups’ option, you have the ability to meet and network with like-minded individuals, who share your passions. Add, delete and give the ability for members to become admins.

Groups Members
See who’s in your group and you can even mute a member when they’re becoming problematic

Create, set and keep up with the latest trends

We know that ideas and creative thinking come at a rapid pace. We provide an opportunity for you to have a following or audience when something is developing, changing or going in a certain direction. We believe that trends come as the result of a wide spectrum of dreams, ideas, and sightings, “meaning there is no limit.”

So whether trend that may be posted across the world or simply trending in your backyard, you can find it on Trender Alert. We would like to thank all the Trendsetters in advance for sharing the world with your ideas and visions. To our trend searchers, we wish you the best experience in searching and being alerted about your Trends. Trender Alert the home of “Now and Future Trends”. Being able to See Tomorrow, Today is what we offer!